Twitter audience is furious over a bi character killed in Teen Woolf


Teen Wolf killed off bisexual character Brett Talbot in the show’s latest episode. Brett used to dance with both men and women in night clubs. And now he is dead leaving his Twitter fans angry and frustrated: ‘THIS SH*T BETTER BE A JOKE I WAS SO EXCITED THAT HE WAS ALIVE,’ one user wrote. ‘lol teen wolf killed off their only bisexual character i hate this f*cking show,’ another added. єIM SO SAD BRETT WAS THE ONLY BISEXUAL REP IN THE SHOW IM TIRED OF BISEXUALS BEING TREATED LIKE SH*T,’ wrote the third. IN general the massage is clear – Brett is bisexual, bisexual characters are underrated, so that is why killing him seems offensive to the members of the bi community, they all insisted that bisexuals deserved better. Those who shipped Briam (the pair of Bett and Liam) are in despair.


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