Most parents in the USA would support their trans kids’ transition


The study, conducted by Harris on behalf of the American Osteopathic Association, found that more than a half of American parents would be supportive to their kids if they decided to transition. Some have taken the study as a sign of growing acceptance for trans people in the US, in spite of the strong opposition of transgender rights by the current American government. Dr Laura Arrowsmith, who works at a trans clinic in Oklahoma, emphasized that parents are playing a key role in bringing up personalities which accept themselves and live in harmony with the world, no matter trans or cis.Study also showed that trans people are more likely to commit suicide or self harm, to be addicted to illegal substances and to have mental health problems such as depression and anxiety in comparison to cis people. The experts believe it to be directly linked to those 47% parents who are not ready to accept their trans kids. “Watch your child for eating disorders, self-harm, substance abuse and suicidal tendencies,” adds Dr Arrowsmith. “A mental health counselor who is familiar with transgender people and local support groups can make all the difference.” The survey was conducted online between June 20 and 22 2017. It asked 2,192 adults aged 18 or older their views on having a transgender child.


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