NHS surgeon-turned-pastor at ‘gay cure’ church could be investigated by General Medical Council


The head of a ‘gay cure church’ who was exposed as an NHS brain surgeon could face professional investigation. Dr Desmond Dele Sanusi, pastor of the Liverpool branch of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, which has 6000 pastors worldwide, is a practising brain surgeon. The NHS Trust – funded by UK taxpayers – confirmed Dr Sanusi’s employment, but would not say in which of the eight hospitals they manage. The Trust says they are “looking into” the Liverpool Echo’s claims with a multi-department investigation as NHS bans so -called ‘conversion therapy’ as harmful and ineffective, there is no evidence of human sexuality changed by these methods. . Dr Sanusi strongly denies the church discriminates against gay people, and only his assistant pastor has been found advocating the gay cure therapy.


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