Russian publisher admits omitting gay storyline in fantasy book


The publishers are defending themselves for excluding the same-sex storyline from the book of the American writer Victoria Schwab who reveled she was shocked to find out that there is no queer polotline in the Russian translation of her book. “We only did this so that we wouldn’t violate the ban on gay propaganda for minors,” the publishing house’s spokesperson Natalya Brovchuk said.“But we kept the romantic plotline as a whole.” Although, the writer is not satisfied with this answer and she is going to terminate the deal because the Russian side disobeyed the contract. To her mind it would be better not to publish the book than to cut it. The country maintains a controversial 2013 law that bans “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships”, which has been seized upon by authorities to clamp down on depictions of gay people in public life.


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