Stripper stabbed his boyfriend in eyes and throat because he suggested him to be a cannibal


Justin Calhoun, a 24-year-old from Key West, Florida, is facing second-degree attempted murder charges. His 67-year-old victim Mark Brann died of injuries. Calhoun says he argued with Brann and believed him to be a cannibal. This led Brann to pick up a gun on a nearby bed where they had been lying, Calhoun claimed. He then said he managed to get the gun away from Brann and planned to shoot him, but the weapon jammed. Then Calhoun stabbed him both eyes with a pen and put a peace of wood from a broken dresser into Brann’s mouth to make his victim silent. Then he locked the door and ran away through the window. He admitted after he was arrested his actions ‘went beyond self-defense’, according to WPLG. Brann was flown to hospital, where he died on Tuesday, one day after the attack. Calhoun is being kept in a private cell, and is remaining in jail without bail.


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