Australian anti-gay activists called same-sex marriage an ‘abomination’


New South Wales MP Fred Nile, the leader of the Christian Democratic Party and a key member of the ‘Coalition for Marriage’, he made an attack on same-sex marriages branding them an abomination. “The Almighty God the Creator has stated homosexual Same-Sex sexual relations are something God hates”, that is why he insists people should not vote for it. An anti-gay pamphlet produced by Nile and republished by Buzzfeed, titled Family World News, proclaims “IN THE BEGINNING ALMIGHTY GOD CREATED ADAM AND EVE NOT ADAM AND STEVE!” The pamphlet features contributions from other key members of the Coalition for Marriage including Senator and the real legend of anti-gay movement in Australia Eric Abetz, the former Leader of the Government in the Senate, and Lyle Shelton of Australian Christian Lobby. Abetz said that marriage equality is destructive for the society because same-sex couples are unable to have children.


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