Drag queen Jackie Beat tells people to speak up


Jackie Beat posted a minute-long video on Instagram and Facebook giving a massages to her audience that it is necessary for them to speak up abut everything what is going on right now in the life of LGBT community top whom the drag star refers as ‘brothers and sisters’. ‘This goes out to all my LGBTQ brothers & sisters – especially those with any level of fame… It’s time to speak your mind. This is NOT “business as usual.” I understand avoiding politics, but this goes beyond mere politics. This is about humanity & decency. So, F**KING SPEAK UP. What are you waiting for?’ Jackie said, adding that even if you are out of politics you must understand the difference between right and wrong and try your best to change something when it goes wrong. The point is not in Donald Trump and not even in alienating anyone. The point is in protecting yourself and your country.


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