The Village People frontman wants to return but his co-members don’t support it


The original frontman and co-founder of the Village People has returned to the group, but the other members can hardly be called happy about Victor Willis’ comeback 38 years later. The other band members have said that they are annoyed that Willis has returned after nearly four decades, and that he is trying to replace the rest of them. Felipe Rose, who played the Native American in the original lineup of the band, said: “This is corporate hijacking at the highest level. He’s taking on 40 years of a well-oiled brand and 40 years of a fan base. The outrage is, is he is replacing all of us.” Rose said that fans are “furious” and “rabid” at the decision to replace the other members. He joined the band in 1977 when it made its debut. The official Village People Facebook page shared a post saying that upcoming performances in Australia in 20 will not feature the most recent lineup. The post was shared by Rose, along with Alex Briley, the original soldier, Ray Simpson, the cop who took over from Willis in 1979, Eric Anzalone, the leather man since 1995, Jim Newman, who has played the cowboy since 2013 and Bill Whitefield who joined as the construction worker in 2013.


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