Chile will introduce same-sex marriages in August


Chile could soon become the latest country to introduce same-sex marriage as the country’s president Michelle Bachelet is working on the bill aimed to legalize it. According to LGBT organisation The Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation, the measure is going to be introduced by the President by the end of August. A lawsuit was filed by the organisation back in 2012 along with the Inter-Amerian Commission on Human Rights on behalf of 3 couples willing to tie the knot with their same-sex couples. It is unclear whether the bill to introduce same-sex marriage will have some same-sex parenting options like adoption.
Chile took its first steps toward legalising gay marriage earlier this year, with Bachelet announcing in February that a “public discussion” was to take place. Bachelet said at the time that same-sex marriage is “not only a demand of the international justice system but a legitimate demand of Chilean society.” Same-sex couples have been able to enter into civil unions since 2015, when the bill was approved by 86 legislators in the Chamber of Deputies, with only 23 voting against it (and two abstentions).


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