Former Australian leader calls same-sex marriages ‘transgender marriages’


Mark Latham, a former Leader of the Labor Party and historic opponent of LGBT rights, made the claims ahead of a postal vote on same-sex marriage, set to take place next month. He said that legalizing of same-sex marriages could lead to wide accepting of the transgender ideology (whatever it means), adding that he personally opposes the right of transgender people to marry. Although he denied being homophobic and said that he is not against same-sex marriages. HE just does not like the wording in marriage equality law which defines marriage as a union between two people regardless of sex. And to him ‘people regardless of sex’ is too wide concept which may include trans, non-binary, gender-fluid and intersex people. And he does not want any law to recognize them because he is afraid it would confuse people, especially kids. “”I am pro-science. Biological fact of people born MALE or FEMALE. How people live their lives up to them but don’t expect state-approval in law when this gender fluidity is then used for neo-Marxist Safe Schools indoctrination of children,” he said. Bad news for Mr. Latham, transgender people already have a right to marry if they are legally recognized by the new sex and their partners are opposite-sex.


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