The lesbian sister of anti-gay politician is upset that her brother opposes her rights


The gay sister of anti-gay marriage leader Tony Abbott opens up about the emotional pressure she feels fighting against her own sibling for the right to marry the one she loves. Christine Forster, who is herself a Liberal Party councillor, has already become a strong voice in calling out her brother’s misleading rhetoric on the issue of same-sex marriages as she waits for having a legal right to tie the knot with her female partner. “Because I’m on the opposite side of the fence to somebody who’s a member of my family, it’s quite personal, there’s some emotional baggage that comes along with it. It’s not just as simple as, ‘Oh I’m having a political fight with someone… I can’t shift Tony, and he can’t shift me,” she told Daily Telegraph, adding that her family is now divided into two camps and she feels that her heart is torn apart when her brother attacks LGBT community (and her in part) and she is forced to call him out for it, while she is still his sibling and she loves him. Ms Forster took to Twitter again just yesterday to call out her brother’s comments after he repeated anti-LGBT smears. Abbott had claimed: “A bill that legalises marriage between ‘any two persons’ raises issues beyond marriage. Would it be possible to exclude gender fluidity discussions from schools if gender fluidity is contemplated by the Marriage Act?” Ms Forster responded: “The Marriage Act covers marriage & nothing more. Allowing 2 people to marry has nothing to do with ‘gender fluidity’ [Tony]. Those trying to link the vote on same-sex marriage with religious freedom are simply seeking to obfuscate & instill fear. Nothing will come in its wake except a lot of people who love each other will get married”


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