Anti-gay marriage campaigners in Australia say it would lead to mass rapes


A leaflet from the opponents of equal marriages urges people to vote ‘no’ if they don’t want to be sexually assaulted. The bilingual leaflet, printed in English and Chinese, was distributed among the Asian community in Hurstville, Sydney, telling them that it would expose the gender neutrality to public toilets and changing rooms which would put women at risk of bein raped, as the creators believe. “The number of victims being raped in public female changing rooms and bathrooms in those countries that has passed the Same Sex Marriage Legislation is a stunning fact to all,” the leaflet reads. First of all, it is false. The rape ratings did not rise in the regions with a gender-neutral bathroom policy since it was introduced. And second of all, giving same-sex couples a right to marry has nothing in common with trans-inclusive bathroom policy, it is an issue to be discussed separately.


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