Australian MP claims homosexuals stole the word ‘gay’ and want to steal marriage too


Australian MP Bob Katter, an opponent of same-sex marriage, made the claim in an interview with Sky News in which he said that homosexuals were going to transform the meaning of the word ‘marriage’ into something quite different from what it is now, as well as they did it with the word ‘gay’ many years ago. Katter says of the word ‘gay’ “It has a particular meaning to me because I got 84% in English, in matriculation, which was a very, very high mark indeed. I did a very good paper on [Alexander] Pope’s poem The Rape of the Lock, which says, ‘then Belinda smiled and all the world was gay’. It conjured up a beautiful image. It was the most beautiful word in the English, and they said, ‘oh good we’ll take that word and we’ll have it as ours!’ And now he believes that homosexuals also liked the positive connotation of the word ‘marriage’ and decided to steal it.

“Some people may be born that way, but I don’t want them abrogating to themselves the right to take the most beautiful word in the English language and say oh now that’s mine! And then one of the most beautiful institutions in human history, they take that and say that’s mine. “You want to have an arrangement of your own? Have an arrangement of your own. Call it what you like and pass laws and bless it for you, but don’t take it off us. That is what is happening here. They are taking it away from us, the same way they took away the most beautiful word in the English language from all of us, and they took it for themselves,” he said.


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