Bisexual singer Halsey was afraid of being arrested giving concert in Russia


How does it feel when you are queer and you have to go to one of the most homophobic countries in the world? Halsey has been embarking on a world tour this month, performing in Milan before heading to Russia for shows in Moscow and St Petersburg. Now she writes on Instagram that being in Moscow made her feel unlucky because she was afraid of being put in custody by the local police because some of the songs are about her same-sex love affairs. But she is not going to let anybody judge her because there is a rainbow above her. These words were in a rhymed form, but then she added in prose that fans in Moscow were a badass in the best meaning of the word. She later posted a photo of fans waving rainbow flags at the concert, with the Russian words: “Soldiers. Thank you.” Halsey has several tracks about same-sex relationships, including ‘Bad At Love’ and ‘Strangers’.


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