British village hold its first Pride to stand against hate


Worcestershire in the West Midlands has seen a dramatic rise in homophobic hate crime since 2015, when 18 people were attacked or abused because of their sexuality. 40 such incidents occurred in Worcestershire from April 2016 to March 2017 – and in the few months since April 30 hate crime attacks have been fixed by police. Statistics show that towns and cities which host Pride events have lower rates of homophobic hate crime, so the village citizens tried to check this statistics on their own experience. Chair of the Worcestershire Pride committee Andre Oldfield told PinkNews: “It’s our first event, we’re very nervous and very excited at the same time. Though the political element is important, it’s just as important for us to be able to party. If you’re a young person who has spent your life thinking you’re the only queer person in your town, celebrating being visible is vital. To spend that day walking around with your partner holding their hand is a revolutionary act. Pride is about picking up all the fractured elements of the LGBTQIA+ community in Worcestershire and saying that we’re here and it’s an event for us. The support from the city and from the people in the city has been overwhelmingly supportive, it’s wonderful.”


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