Chechnya leader tells men to have many wives


Ranzan Kadyrov demands the divorced men to marry their ex-wives again. Nearly 1000 couples already did so, even though some men have got married again after the divorce. But the Chechen leader insists there is nothing wrong about it because polyamorous families are a norm for Muslim society and men who have many wives have less chance to cheat on them (at least Kadyrov believes so) . This year, Kadyrov has overseen a gay purge while saying the victims were ‘not people’, ‘worse than animals’ and ‘weapon of Satan.’ He feels no guilty of homophobic crimes because he does not believe it top be something bad, encouraging the citizens of the republic to chase and abuse gay people. Kadyrov words include his vow to eliminate the region’s gay community by the start of Ramadan, which was in May.


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