Photos captured gay dads welcoming their son in the world


Angie from Ontario, Canada met French couple Sam and John through Canadian Fertility Consulting, and despite thousands miles of distance she was perfect for them because in their own country such practices are illegal. And the amazing moment Sam and John’s baby came into the world was captured by professional birth photographer Meagan Adams who posted pictures on her Instagram saying it was one of the most emotional experiences in her life. “Every birth is an honour. Each time I am grateful. I am in awe of what women are capable of, despite the fact that I’ve seen it first hand 4 times,” she wrote. “There is NOTHING like watching a woman, persevere and trust her body to deliver a baby, that she will not mother. I am forever in love with Angie, and the men who’s lives she changed by making them Daddies. “The baby was born at Angie’s home, as a water birth.


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