Religious leader accused BBC of promoting homosexuality


Wilfred Napier, from South Africa, has claimed the BBC ‘undermines traditional and Christian’ morality saying that there is hardly a day when BBC is not broadcasting something LGBT-related. When a supporter based in the UK said he at least does not have to pay the license fee, Napier responded that each time the propaganda is repeated he feels that the thought that ‘evil is good’ is infused into the people’s mind, although he failed to name even a single TV show to illustrate such idea. He has previously described same-sex marriage and LGBTI rights as a ‘new kind of slavery’. He also claimed marriage equality goes against ‘reason and revelation’. Napier said: ‘With the same-sex marriages, we are carrying out someone else’s agenda. It’s a new kind of slavery, with America saying you won’t get aid unless you distribute condoms, legalize homosexuality…’


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