Activists are going to attack Neo-Nazis with poo


Ahead of a neo-Nazi rally due to be held at Crissy Field in the city, dog owners have devised a plan to step by letting their dogs do all their dirty things in the park where the white supremacists are going to march. Some dog owners are even picking up the poo from elsewhere and bringing it to the park to purposefully make the park even more disgusting promising to clean everything as the Nazis go away. As well as cleaning up the mess, the activists plan the mass hug flashmobe. As well as the dog poo protest, other activists are holding a whole host of protests against the rally. Drag queen Juanita More and activist Cleve Jones are also hosting an event which will help to raise money for 10 different organisations which are dedicated to the fight against hate and bigotry. “With these kinds of creative actions, we dispel fear. We say we’re going to fight you and we’re going to have a ball doing it and we’re going to laugh and love each other,” Cleve Jones said.


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