Actor Haaz Sleiman stopped denying that he is gay


Actor Haaz Sleiman has come out as gay on Facebook this weekend after more than 8 years in closet. The actor, who is best known for his appearances in Nurse Jackie and Of Kings and Prophets is finally telling the truth of who he is aas he sees how many people are killed for being LGBT. “A new study finds that more LGBTQ people living in the United States have been murdered so far this year than in 2016. So this video is my response to this study,” the Muslim actor said, adding that he is a gay Arab-American man. Going on he added that he prefers the passive role in relationships, he is a bottom. And if there is someone who would want to kill him for it, he is ready to destroy such people.Talking about when he denied his sexuality, Sleiman explained that he was shocked into saying he was straight. It was during an interview with the Advocate and he was led to believe that he would not be asked any personal questions.


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