Australian policemen shared a video about their coming out


A group of Australian police officers have shared their coming out stories as a sign of support of the marriage equality being legalized in the country. LGBT officers from the Queensland police force spoke about their own fears of acceptance revealing their sexuality and the challenges in their lives caused by coming out. One officer, David Tucker, explained that when he was 40 years old he came out to his family after his daughter asked him point blank if he was gay. He had lived his entire life as a straight man but felt he had to succumb to that fact that he has never actually been straight. Coming out made him and the whole his family cry. He added: “One of the things that I’ve always regretted is I never told mum that I was gay.” As well as sexuality, trans officers spoke about their experiences with coming out.For Constable Martina Winkworth, she was fortunate to have the support of her wife as she came to realizing being trans. Winkworth explained that her wife began to pick up on the subtleties of how she was feeling and promised that she would give Winkworth her “blessing” to go further. A different officer, Michelle Harris, revealed how she thought that if she were to come out as a lesbian then people would not treat her with as much respect. At one point, she was so conflicted about her sexuality that she began to contemplate suicide.


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