Director urged his Facebook audience to rape gay actor


A group of people attacked Adam Lahlou, also known as Adouma, a gay Moroccan actor, and threatened to kill him as the film director encouraged Facebook audience to assault him. He was left with severe bruising around his head and face and his clothes torn apart. The attack came after Mahmoud Frites, who calls himself a director and artist, wrote on Facebook and shared a picture of Adouma wearing a kaftan and head scarf, the director accused the actor of spreading homosexuality and the only way to stop him is a rape. He wrote that he “does not understand those who rape donkeys, people with special needs, elderly women, babies and children while they’re incapable of raping those who wish to be raped and are willing to give money to whomever is willing to rape them.” Thousands of people agreed with it and then the man was attacked. Taking to Facebook, he blamed Frites for sparking the attack. “He (Frites) said I am willing to pay money in exchange for being raped,” Adouma wrote. “Today, I say to you Mr Frites, congratulations. You have achieved your goal.” Adouma added that despite Frites being a director he is “devoid of humanity, a terrorist in disguise.” “I demand human rights. I am a person I have feelings, and no one in the world deserves to be raped. If we were in Europe, you would have been punished for calling on people to rape me. It is you that is morally abnormal,” he added.


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