Bisexuals shared experience of moving both ways


Bisexual people answered questions about their feelings while they date men and women and the difference between same-sex and opposite-sex relationships for them. The group discussed on an AskReddit thread with whom it is better to date. The main difference that everyone picked up on was how straight forward men were, especially gay men who want to move forward and to be more direct, especially in sex.Other’s noticed that it was more difficult to for them to flirt and spark with relationships with girls. However, someone wrote that women were often more likely to be upfront if they had an issue. “The girls I’ve dated have actually been significantly quicker to tell me when somethings wrong,” someone wrote. “The guys I’ve dated bottled it in sometimes for a month before I even knew anything was up.” Others added that if you are a bisexual female in opposite-sex relationships then it is very likely that your boyfriend will ask you for a group sex. Someone wrote: “A lot of men ask me for threesomes when they hear that I’m bi. I always agree on the condition that I’m the only woman in the threesome. Then that question never gets asked again.” Others noted that they often experienced bi-erasure in relationships: “My ex-boyfriend acted that way and wanted me to ‘admit’ that I prefer men over women,” someone wrote. “It used to p*ss me off a lot. Apparently the concept of bisexuality is difficult to grasp for some.”


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