One mother thought her son was gay because of a hot sauce


Writing on Reddit, one heterosexual man shared the story of his mo who believed he was gay and had one of the most ridiculous reasons to think so. His Slavic-born parents are very conservative and their attitude to homosexuality is rather negative than positive. And once a man had fun with his friends and drunk a half bottle of a hot sauce on dare. ‘I woke up to the sharpest searing pain in my stomach and the feeling I wanted to throw up. I thought it was because I was sick because I had never experienced this kind of pain from anything other than sicknesses,’ the man wrote describing his feelings the following morning. It became painful to sit and some parts of his body hurt a lot, so he tried to cold it with water. But he forgot to lock the door and as you may have guessed…. Yes, that’s what his mom caught him doing – washing his anus with cold water and shampoo to relief the pain. Of course, se knew nothing about hot sauce bet and burst into tears telling the man’s father about something she believed to be the worst – that their son is gay. And however funny it may sound, the main hero of the story sees here nothing to laugh at. ‘I quickly scrambled to get out of the shower and I heard my mom downstairs, crying on the couch while my dad consolidated her. I heard her say something along the lines of, “now how will we ever have grandchildren?”.’ Now I’m sitting in my room trying to plan out my course of action but waiting has probably worried them more…hopefully my family will understand before they call all of my relatives,’ he wrote. We don’t know the way the story developed, but it teaches us ever to do anything stupid on bet.


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