The equality-supportive moms stood for their children’s right to marry


Ahead of the vote the Coalition for Marriage, the collective of anti-LGBT activists that is opposing the move, put out a surreal ad featuring mothers claiming that it would make boys wear dresses. Those mothers who support marriage equality also united to express why is it important to allow children to love whoever they want regardless of gender. One expectant mum says: “We really want our baby to be born in an Australia that sees everyone as equal and marriage equality is a really good way to start.” Another mother adds: “I love all my kids unconditionally. As long as they’re happy and that’s what we all should have and that’s what we all should want for our children.” There is also a mum who knows that her son is gay and marriage equality is a personal issue for her because she wants to see her child happy. “He deserves all of the things that I’ve had. I’ve been happily married for 25 years. He deserves exactly that and he should no longer be excluded,” she said. Another mum added: “When I think about our children, marriage equality is absolutely vital so that they understand that, whoever they end up with, they can choose to get married and their community will recognise their commitment.”


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