Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black came back from honeymoon


The Olympic diver and the Oscar-winning filmmaker have just come back from their honeymoon and announced it via Instagram. The couple took to Instagram to share emotional posts at the end of their first adventure as a married couple, they tied a knot in May. They were photographed unwinding in Barcelona, Spain, before moving on to New York City. The pair even hung out with former US president Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a film premier, before unwinding in Hawaii. And now Tom writes that after three amazing weeks of adventures comes the time to be back in reality, or in UK. “We had the best honeymoon ever! Time to get ready for a LIVE YouTube workout,” he adds. “Home from the 💛🍯🌙💛! Couldn’t be more grateful for all the new friends and memories… including Stewie. More photos to come, but now it’s time for a long nap!” his husband wrote. The couple originally held off from honeymoon plans to focus on diver Daley competing in the World Championships. After taking gold in the competition last month, they finally agreed to fly off.


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