GBBO gay contestant Tom lost his twin brother in Afghanistan


Architect Tom Hetherington, 29, lost his identical twin four years ago. 25-year-old Robert served in the army where he reached the rank of privare and was killed after a Taliban explosion hit his armoured vehicle in Helmand province. The investigation confirmed that Robert and two other people (Corporal William Savage, 30 and Fusilier Samuel Flint, 21) were unlawfully killed as soldiers were not alerted to insurgent activity picked up by surveillance systems.. Tom says that the memory of Robert inspires him to work harder because brother never let him give up and supported him in everything when he was alive. “With every training session I can hear Robert pushing me to go a little faster, a little harder. Completing another marathon will be a testament to the strength I have gained from him and to show the strength he used and showed regularly.”


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