Lesbian comedian Susan Calman hit back the haters


Calman is currently taking part in Strictly Come Dancing, as we previously reported. And of course there are both supporters of her talent and those who believe she, mildly speaking, was not born to dance. In preparation for her dive into Strictly’s world of sequins and sashays, she tweeted two pictures of herself – one of her in a suit, and another of her in a dress, which is her first dress since she was 17, as she confessed. “Both of these pictures are of me. I can be both a kick ass time travelling lesbian and a bombshell in a dress. That’s the joy of Strictly,” she wrote. And this post received a hateful comment from one Christian homophobe who considered it an opportunity to preach how bad homosexuality is in the eyes of God. And who cares that there is no single word about lesbianism in Bible. “Mate. I’ve been watching Game of Thrones. Do you know how much commitment that takes? I don’t have time to destroy humanity,” she replies. Watch serials, don’t spread hate. Go for it, Susan.


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