Pierce Morgan broke 3 ribs and Internet showed no sympathy


The suspended GMB host known for his rude homophobic and transphobic remarks was left in agony with broken bones.
Now he is in a normal condition and even tweets about his trouble. Announcing the news to his six million followers he tweeted: “BREAKING (literally…) NEWS: I’ve broken 3 ribs falling flat on my a***. Thanks to @ChelwestFT staff for speedy treatment. 👍” But instead of compassion he received a lot of hate. “Apparently @piersmorgan has broken 3 ribs. I’ve broke 6 laughing about this,” one Twitter user wrote. “Has it knocked any sense in you????” the other added. The third said it was the best day of his life. People, don”t be so hateful, answer to hate with love, it damages all evil. Be helpful and supportive even to those who humiliate you and it will be the best lesson for them.


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