Tony Abbott would not allow his gay sister to raise kids if it depended on him


The anti-gay Australian politician made a shocking claim that it would be better for his sibling’s kids to be brought up by someone else who is not gay rather than by their own lesbian mother. Mr Abbott, who led the country until he wad deposed in an internal party coup in 2015, has called on Australians to vote against equality against the wishes of his own sister Christine Forster, who waits to tie the knot with her female partner. The pair have traded jibes across the campaign but in the recent radio interview Abbott offended his own sister directly. “As everyone knows, my distinguished and much-loved sister Chris is on the other side of this argument. Chris has been a very good mother with her partner Virginia, they do a good job, but nevertheless I’m old fashioned enough to think kids do best with a mother and a father,” Abbott says. On the one hand he says he loves her sister and thinks it is good that she fulfills her duties of a mother, but still fights for her and people like her not to have such a right. “Chris has made it very clear that as a family we can all get on even though we don’t always agree on everything,” he adds. “There’s nothing exhibitionistic about the Abbott family. We are not show-offs, we do not parade ourselves or make a public spectacle of ourselves. I just think the last thing you want is a family squabble in public. I’m voting no”


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