Same-sex marriages could be banned again in Bermuda

Gay wedding cake topper

Bermuda could become the first country in the world to re-ban same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court of the country ruled earlier this year that banning same-sex couples from marriage is a violation of their basic human rights. The Bermudan government subsequently confirmed it would not appeal against the ruling. But there is at least one politician in the country who is already working on a bill banning same-sex marriages in the country again. Speaking to the Gazette, Home Affairs Minister Walton Brown insisted that the government will work on new ways to protect same-sex couples if equal marriage is overturned. He said: “Our position is that same-sex couples should have all the legal rights of heterosexual couples, save for marriage. If the private member’s Bill is successful, then we will draft and table legislation to ensure that same-sex couples have those rights enshrined in the law. At present there is no need for this to be done due to the ruling by Justice Charles-Etta Simmons. There already exists a Bill, the Civil Unions Bill, which would have similar elements to what is needed, although it obviously would not be called that.”


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