Tottenham Hotspur set to spend £23 million on Serge Aurier who used a homophobic slur against his boss


Premier League title contenders Tottenham Hotspur are set to pay millions for the player who called his manager Laurent Blanc an F-word. Serge Aurier suggested that his boss might have had a sexual intercourse with his teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and such a suggestion made in a very rude form brought the French footballer under investigation. He apologised for the comments and was allowed to rejoin the first team a year ago, at the beginning of last season. His transfer to Spurs means that in the coming months Aurier may be lining up against Ibrahimovic, who has since joined Manchester United. The 24-year-old defender was also handed a two-month suspended prison sentence and €600 fine last year for assaulting a police officer outside a Paris nightclub. This resulted in him not being allowed into Britain to play for PSG in a Champions League match against Arsenal. But the Home Office has reportedly given Aurier a work permit allowing him to play.


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