Is it possible to stop Trump’s military ban forever and ever?


The US Secretary of Defence, General James Mattis, announced that any recommendation to Trump would be delayed until after a group of experts provide some study the results of which would allow him to make a conclusion towards the necessity of such a ban. The prospect of more than 10,000 trans service people being thrown out of the military still looms large though, with Trump’s deadline of March 2018 fixed in place. Mr. Mattis did not cancel the ban completely, although he had such a power and even the studies he is currently insisting on have already been provided and according to their results the ban is senseless. Two lawsuits against Trump in the wake of the ban also did not help. But there is still a hope – Congress. Democratic Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker plan to put forward a bill to block any exclusion of trans service people when Congress is back in session. And according to the Congressional Research Service – which, as the name suggests, is Congress’s research arm – representatives have another route to killing the ban. In a paper attained by the Federation of American Scientists, it pointed out: “Congress may draft legislation to affect such Administration policy, under its authority to make laws governing the armed forces.” And that could be carried out as part of the annual National Defence Authorisation Act, which has to be passed by Congress.


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