Singer launches a legal case for her song used as a lip sync song


Toni Basil, the singer behind the most popular version of Mickey says that she remained physically ill discovering her song in RuPaul’s Drag Race. The 73-year-old claims she has only become aware that her song has been used in several TV shows, including South Park and in Disney advertisements for using the song. Her lawyers say she has ‘experienced sleep deprivation, nightmares and anxiety’ after Disney and Viacom allegedly used the song without permission. Basil’s brand and identity is intertwined with her song Mickey’.The lawsuit adds that the song is everything she has and that is why her song should be approved or endorsed before the usage. Spanish Mickey was used as a lip sync song in season 3 of Drag Race, in which Carmen Carrera and Yara Sofia battled it out to stay in the competition.Basil is claiming $25,000 in damages, plus a further $750 for each unauthorized use of the song. The bulk of the claim is targeted at publishing company Razor & Tie. Released in 1982, Mickey is a cover of the song Kitty by British pop group Racey. It is likely representatives for big-name companies will plead they did not know Razor & Tie was not authorized to license Mickey to them, if it is found that was the case.


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