‘Sperm donors’ tell lesbian couples to try sex with men


Women in same-sex relationships who want to get pregnant are forced to have sex with men. Men are offering their their services as unauthorised sperm donors for as little as £30 in secret Facebook groups where en offer to inseminate women without revealing their names or any other personal details. They say that they are just trying to help women who are unable to conceive naturally. But everything is not so easy. BBC documentary is focused on undercovering such ‘donors’. BBC Three’s Desperately Seeking Semen has exposed how some men offer their semen via artificial insemination, only to then demand unprotected, penetrative sex when they arrive to their ‘clients’. According to two women featured, Chelsea and Sarah, who are 1esbians, said that they are looking for women like them in purpose, trying to ‘cure’ them from lesbianism. 25-year-old Chelsea says: “There’s a lot of people on sperm donation sites that’ll decide that they’ll give someone the help with AI. AI is artificial insemination, where you do it through a turkey basting mechanism. They’ll turn up and they’ll push for NI, which is a natural insemination, so basic sex.”Sarah, 23 explains: “A handful of them that are on there specifically to try and challenge to see if they can turn a lesbian straight. There’s a lot of that, isn’t there. It’ just because ‘you haven’t had it off a proper bloke’. And it’s like someone saying, ‘but this gherkin is longer than the other one.’ I’m still not gonna go for that gherkin, you know what I mean?”


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