31 gay Chechen saved


A charity has helped 31 gay and bisexual men escape from Chechnya, a Muslim-dominated region of Russia where people are persecuted and killed for being gay. And the country’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov calls them ‘satanic’ and ‘not people’. But some charities are helping people to escape Chechnya and Russia and flee abroad to feel safe. “We were able to quickly intervene and receive a response from the Canadian government because we are one of the few — if only — major international organizations focused on moving LGBTQ people out of immediate danger to safety,” Powell said in a statement, adding that many of refugees are still afraid to talk about their sexuality due to fear of being killed. “Seeking asylum is not a way of jumping the queue,” Powell added. “It’s about responding when a person’s right to protection is removed by the state or anyone else, as is the case in Chechnya for LGBTQ people right now.”


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