Catholic school students protest against a homophobic bishop with rainbows


A group of Catholic school students in Sydney have taken on a homophobic bishop by covering their school crest with rainbows. The protest was launched by a 17-year-old schoolgirl who was annoyed as the bishop urged students to vote ‘no’ at the marriage equality plebiscite in Australia. Taking to Twitter, she shared images of students wearing drawings of rainbows stuck over the school crest. The girl did not name the school as she is still afraid of being excluded. “This little movement we had was not against our school it was against the Bishop’s stance on the matter and we did it to make sure that everyone feels welcome in our school and knows they will not be judges,” the student explained, adding that she is not opposing Catholic faith or, God forbid, her school. The students are very tolerant and supportive, she is proud to be one of them. She protests only against those who try to infuse homophobic ideas into pupils’ minds.


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