Gay dad, accused of molesting his son: It could have been a racism


The gay dad who sued United Airlines after it accused him of having his hand “too close” to his son’s genitals sees racial prejudice behind those accusations. Henry Amador-Batten and his son Ben were flying back from Puerto Rico. The little Ben was just 5 but he was smart enough that they had got in trouble because he was sitting too close to his daddy and some people did not like it. His dad, in turn, said he did not expect any homophobia because he had never faced homophobia for all 52 years of his life. He heard about people being fired from job or being left homeless due to their sexuality but he never thought he could face it himself. But he faced another form of discrimination – racism. “I’m assuming that a well-dressed Hispanic man flying out of Miami was easily suspected of being in the drug business. I missed flights, had luggage basically torn apart. I had tubes of toothpaste squeezed out and even hems on my jacket and pants ripped open,” the man says adding that he is really unaware of the airline’s motives. “Although both Ben and I are Hispanic, he is lighter than me. Did the attendant see an older Hispanic man travelling with a little white boy? I can’t imagine he could have but who knows?”


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