Trans model sacked by L’Oreal urges pople to boycott her former bosses


Munroe Bergdorf has slammed L’Oréal for firing her and urges her followers to boycott L’Oreal. The cosmetics brand announced this week that Bergdorf would head up a new makeup campaign for the company, she made history as the firs out trans woman to be the face of L’Oreal UK. But soon they fired her as she called white people racists in Facebook (saying that people of certain race are worse than others is a racism. So saying all white people were racists is also racism). Taking to Facebook after L’Oréal announced that she was fired, the model defended the initial post and said that the company can also be accused of abusing the people of color. “Identifying that the success of the British Empire has been at the expense of the people of colour, is not something that should offend ANYONE. It is a fact. It happened,” Bergdorf started. “In today’s society the lighter your skin tone (people of colour included) the more social privileges you will be afforded. Whether that’s access to housing, healthcare, employment or credit. A person’s race and skin tone has a HUGE part to play in how they are treated by society as a whole, based on their proximity to whiteness,” she wrote. “When a transgender woman of colour, who has been selected to front up a big brand campaign to combat discrimination and lack of diversity in the beauty industry, speaks on her actual lived experience of being discriminated against because of her race and identifies the root of where that discrimination lies – white supremacy and systemic racism – that big brand cannot simply state that her thoughts are not ‘in line with the ethics of the brand’.


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