Drag queen responded to homophobia the best way


Panti Bliss (out-of-stage name Rory O’Neill) is one of the most famous drag queens of Ireland and now they take a stage speaking directly to the homophobes. The performer faced homophobia directly – homophobic slurs, milk cartons thrown to them from a passing car… Appearing on the Saturday Night Show back in 2014, Panti alleged that The Iona Institute and several associated journalists were homophobic under the strong Catholic influence that insisted that marriage should not deviate from its Christian definition. “Have any of you been standing at a pedestrian crossing, when a car goes by and in it are a bunch of lads, and they lean out the window as they go by and shout fag and throw a milk carton at you? It feels oppressive, and when it really does hurt, is afterwards, because it’s afterwards when I wonder and worry and obsess over… What was it about me? What did they see in me? What was it that gave me away?” the drag performer said, adding that they often check themselves to see what is so gay in them, even being Rory, not Panti. And they hate themselves for such checks and hate those people who made them do so. “Have you ever been on a crowded train with one of your best gay friends, and inside, a tiny part of you is cringing because he is being so gay? And you find yourself trying to compensate for his gayness by butching up a little, or by trying to steer the conversation onto straighter safer territory?”


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