Lesbian teen was raped by 5 boys on her birthday


A 14-year-old lesbian has been raped in Ghana. Her male friend took her to his home saying there was a special birthday surprise for her. There were 4 more boys that attacked her. They hit her in the face before pinning her to the bed. “It was my friend who started with the rape,” she told Ghanaian publication Joy News. She got pregnant and bore a child before turning 15. One of family members adopted the child. The girl tried to kill herself 4 times. Her rapists are still not punished, though now she is 21. “I was admitted to the psychiatric hospital, moving from hospital to hospital, from medication to medication just to bring me back to normal,” girl says. Mariam said: “We were supposed to arrest them, but the police are not willing to support [me]. I don’t know why.” In her community in the town of Mataheko, she said rape was seen as a minor crime. Mariam said that she and her father go to the local police station every so often to report her rapists’ whereabouts, but to no avail. “The policeman will say he is the only person in the station and cannot leave to arrest a mere criminal,” she said.


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