Mothers attack supermarkets for selling David Walliams’ book


A group of angry mothers have launched an attack against supermarket giants ALDI because the store stocks a short novel Boy in a dress. They believe it to be trans-campaigning. The book, which is Walliams’ first, tells the story of a twelve-year-old who likes to wear dresses and the way his surrounding reacts on it. The book aims to tell middleschoolers about diversity and tackling gender stereotypes. Writing on ALDI Australia’s Facebook page one mother, Kathryn Woolley, said that she was “disappointed” by the decision to stock the book ‘related to transgenderism in children’. A different person added: “This is disturbing. ALDI’s concern should be to sell quality products to the customer and provide a good service (which you do). However you have now overstepped the line. Your role is not to propagate sexually confusing material to minors.” But there were other users that insisted that if the book is so bad, then nobody forces to buy it. Another added: “I just wanted to say I’ll definitely be grabbing a copy. Keep doing what you’re doing, Aldi!” “I rarely shop at Aldi but shall make a point of going there this week and hope I can grab a copy of this awesome book!” a third wrote.


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