Non-binary person opens up about being bullyied by a rugby coach in front of teachers


Alex called into James O’Brien’s show on LBC, which also featured singer Will Young. Alex is non-binary and they remember how a rugby coach started abusing them in front of the teaching staff for wearing make-up. “When I was around Year 8 I was gender non-conforming and used to wear makeup to school. One day the rugby coach took me aside because I really ballsed up a pass. He looked at me for a couple of seconds and said ‘Are you wearing makeup’?He stopped training for everyone and put me in front of the team and said: ‘Look, Alex is wearing the makeup. Isn’t this shocking?’” The coach also laughed at Alex and used words like ‘hilarious’ and ‘stupid’. O’Brien told Alex: “There’ll be people listening to this now who simply know there is someone else who is going through, or has gone through, what they’re going through at the moment and that becomes a help, because I sense you didn’t have that”. He and Will Young both told Alex they are not alone.


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