Caitlyn Jenner does not speak to ex-wife and stepdaughter


The trans reality star admits that after leaving the Kardashian clan she failed to build peaceful relationships with them, especially her ex-spouse Kris. Jenner published a tell-all book, The Secrets of my Life, where she spoke rather negatively about Kris and neither Kris, nor her daughter Kim wanted to forgive Caitlyn for such a scandal and broke all connections. “The Kardashian side – I really don’t talk to them very often. I just kind of deal with that,” she told hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. She said that her new book was an “honest” look at her life which she was “extraordinarily proud of.” However, she added that “unfortunately, the Kardashians and particularly Kris didn’t see it that way.” Caitlyn never talked to Kris after the book’s release. As for Kim , they did not talk for more than half a year, but Caitlyn still says she loves Kim and thinks she is a wonderful person


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