GBBO’s gay backlash: joke or offence?


Noel Fielding is facing a backlash after posting a photo of himself with Great British Bake Off co-host Paul Hollywood signing a pic: “This should put to rest any rumours that me and blue eyes @PaulHollywood don’t get on 🙂 ha ha ha x.” The two were depicted jokingly imitating gay sex. But it hardly made anyone laugh. Twitter users mock the joke as poor-tasted and even offensive.One Twitter user wrote: “Gay sex isn’t there for your cheap & nasty humour… Rethink your attitude, please*…. *I’ve responded more patiently than most might.” While a second added: “Straight guys pretending to be gay HAHAHAHAHAHA…. How did you guys think of something so hilarious?” Another wrote: “Steady on guys, This is a family show!!”But there were also those who admitted that the host’s shirt was rather stylish and wanted to know where to get one.


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