LGBT-inclusive rugby club saves lives


Adam Harrison was just a man who was depressed because of his extra weight and sexuality and thought his passion of rugby was something he must have forgotten forever as he stereotypically believed himself to be not masculine enough for it, but he found people who helped him to change his mind. Now, in a story of “rucks to riches”, Adam founded and now proudly coaches the Glasgow Alphas, an inclusive team accepting everybody regardless of size, race, gender or sexuality. The coach had to fight mental health and body image difficulties which made him leave the rugby team in high school although he was good at it and it brought him a lot of joy. He was outed by classmates as they told one bi boy of his feelings. “My depression had led me to have vivid images of self-harm. I began spiralling and flying through several dark emotions in spells that lasted minutes.” However, the future coach’s love of the sport remained and was nurtured by supportive friends at University, where he joined the rugby team.


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