Taryn Manning of OITNB experimented, but chose boys


Taryn Manning, best known as feisty prisoner Tiffany ‘Pennsatucky’ Doggett loves gay people and supports them.
But she is not one of them, she checked. The actress said she experimented with women but to her men are better.Manning’s character in the hit Netflix show starts life in Litchfield as a hostile anti-gay fundamentalist. Through the show’s five seasons, Pennsatucky slowly becomes a more sympathetic and tolerant character, she made friends with Big Boo (Lea DeLaria’s character. Butch, as well as the actress). OITNB has been highly praised for its varied representation of LGBT+ people and relationships, as well as its powerful portrayal of female characters. In the People interview, Manning also discussed her difficult relationship with her mother. She said: “I lost my mother, not from death. The hardest part is that my mom is still alive but we’re estranged. It’s really sad to watch a beautiful relationship crumble over b.s. The only way you can start with reconciliation is forgiving yourself. ‘You can’t love anybody until you love yourself.’ But it’s true, you really can’t.”


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