Will Young demands Theresa May to resign immediately


The PM should either leave or at least get rid of her conservative government, the gay singer insists. Signing a deal with a homophobic Northern Irish DUP was one of the most disgusting steps Mrs. May could ever take to remain as PM, Young confessed to PinkNews. He believes that to keep the power Theresa May sacrificed people’s rights, in part LGBT rights. “I think it’s opportunism from the beginning to the end that election and I think it shows stupidity actually. I mean bringing things like fox hunting to the forum. I could’ve done a better job at that election, and I’m an idiot. They seriously let themselves down at that election. They showed their true colours which is quite often a sense of entitlement and arrogance. Listen, you can’t polish a turd can you?” Young asked. He refused to tell whom he sees as a perfect PM but claimed that he likes seeing people’s resistance and readiness to overcome the system. “But there has to be something behind it. I think the navigation of mainstream media by Labour was and is really exciting,” he added.


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