X-factor’s Christopher Maloney almost died


Former X Factor star Christopher Maloney has been hospitalised “near death” as a spider bit him on vacation in Turkey. The species of spider was poisoned and life-threatening. The singer felt dizziness but kept on walking. Later he collapsed and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital as his throat began to close due to anaphylactic shock. “It was an absolutely awful experience, I have no idea how it happened. I was kept in hospital for observation and put on a heart monitor, before my partner Gary took me back to the hotel,” MAloney told Liverpool Echo adding that he was forced to stay in Turkey for more than 2 weeks. Mandy Fisher, from Cambridge, is credited with saving the singer’s life for her quick thinking help, the singer says he is owing her and if she was not there and did not react so quickly, he would be dead already.


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