Indian gay radio host teaches people that love is love


In India homosexuality is a crime punishable by long-term imprisonment. But there are still those who fight for love and show that there is nothing criminal in being together with someone you truly love, regardless of gender. Radio station Ishq 104.8 FM devoted a radio show to it. ts host is one of India’s most well-known gay activists, Harish Iyer. Iyer has been one of the most vocal about LGBT rights, ever since his mother posted an ad in a national newspaper trying to find a boyfriend for her son. Matchmaking ads are common in India, but this one was the first to match a man with a man. Fast forward a decade or so, and he’s now listed by the Guardian as one of the ‘100 most influential LGBT people in the world’, he interviewed Stephen Fry and Ellen Page. Just last month, Iyer hosted a woman from the ‘hijra’ community. Hijras are people who come under the banner of trans and intersex, and often occupy marginalised positions in society. They are legally recognized but often discriminated against and it is harder for them to find job. And the key massage is hidden in the radio station name Ishq which is Arabic for love. And Ishq is Ishq


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